George Papadopoulos Revealed Everything To The FBI After Just One Appletini Cocktail


St. Louis, MO—

The Halfway Post obtained an exclusive leak from the FBI this weekend following the New York Time’s bombshell report that the FBI’s secret investigation into the Trump presidential campaign’s Russian collusion began with an Australian agent narcing on Trump aide George Papadopoulos.

The NYT report indicated that Papadopoulos drunkenly boasted to the Australian informant in May of 2016 that he knew Russia had obtained dirt on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, and that the Australian then alerted the FBI.

The bombshell NYT report has followed two weeks of President Trump, Republican members of Congress, and conservative media pundits smearing the FBI and special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s integrity via claims against the authenticity of the Steele Dossier, which backers of Mr. Trump have claimed is a maliciously erroneous foundation of the Russian collusion investigation. The NYT report is basically a big middle finger to pro-Trump talking points aimed at maligning the FBI’s reputation because it proves the Steele Dossier was not the foundation of the FBI’s investigation.

However, The Halfway Post has obtained an exclusive leak from the FBI that confirms once again that Papadopoulos has very loose lips while drinking. According to an FBI file concerning the Papadopoulos interview, the Trump aide revealed everything after drinking just one appletini cocktail.

“It appears that Papadopoulos is a real lightweight when it comes to alcohol,” our FBI informant explained to The Halfway Post in a phone conversation that accompanied the leaked interview file. “It’s customary for the FBI to coerce suspects to squeal with alcoholic drinks, but usually targets of FBI investigations require numerous rounds of harder spirits before they start to consider talking. Our FBI house bartender is a specialist in concoctions, and is specially trained to stay tending bar as long as is needed, but Georgie Papadopoulos opened up almost immediately. It’s important to note that appletinis are loaded with sugary ingredients, and, as the file provided shows, Papadopoulos actually requested his drink be one part vodka and two parts apple juice, and one part sweet & sour with a sugared rim—which is of course a childish bastardization of the traditional appletini recipe. George also asked for a garnish of a lemon with an umbrella in it.”

It is relevant for readers to note that Papadopoulos has been cooperating with the FBI investigation for months, and that he was considered a “proactive cooperator,” which means he was collecting intel for the FBI and may have even been asked to wear a wire. In layman’s terms: President Donald Trump is seriously f***ed, and Bob Mueller knows much more than the public knows as well as much more than Team Trump thinks he knows.

(Photo courtesy of the FBI & DHS.)

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