Marco Rubio Actually Committed To No Longer Accepting NRA Campaign Donations…Lol, JK, NOT!



Miami, FL—

This morning, due to mounting pressure on him from his constituents based on his maligned performance in the CNN town hall on guns, Republican Senator Marco Rubio announced that he would no longer accept political campaign donations from the National Rifle Association—

LOL, just kidding! He didn’t even pretend to entertain the thought of not taking a million dollars from the NRA. The guy’s choosing NRA money over the clear and unambiguous will of the upcoming Millennial generation quickly amassing dominant electoral size. Every mass shooting puts the Republican Party on the wrong side of history, and Mr. Rubio is marching along enthusiastically.

In the CNN town hall, Rubio was asked point blank if he would stop accepting their donations, and he refused to answer the question directly, instead dancing around the bush by explaining that his political donors believed in his “agenda.”

Perhaps he meant that the NRA might not only be donating to him for his gun policies, but also for his disapproval of gay marriage, for instance. Yeah… maybe.


(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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