Donald Trump Asked Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer If He’d Work On His Russian-Collusion Case


Washington D.C.

Despite working against President Donald Trump as Stormy Daniels’ lawyer in her effort to be freed from the legally dubious nondisclosure agreement regarding a scandalous affair between the two, Michael Avenatti has reported to The Halfway Post that Mr. Trump reached out to him requesting he join Trump’s legal team in the Russian-Collusion scandal.

“It’s a little weird, but Donald Trump yesterday sent me an email from his White House email address saying that he was impressed with my work in the Stormy Daniels case, and asked if I would join his legal representation with the Russia stuff,” explained Avenatti. “The President said that he understood it might put me in an awkward position, but that literally no D.C. lawyers would represent him because of his penchant for lying and not following his lawyers’ advice.”

Avenatti revealed that he turned down the President’s offer because of the conflict of interest it would represent, and that Mr. Trump spent hours begging him to reconsider with numerous emails and phone calls.

“It actually got a little embarrassing,” said Avenatti. “The President offered me $1 million to defend him against Robert Mueller’s special investigation, and when I declined he offered me an all-expenses-paid vacation to Moscow where he said the girls do some ‘really gross stuff with urine.’ When I declined that, he offered to send me on a hunting trip with his son Eric, who he said was dedicating most of his time these days trying to prove that Bigfoot is real. That isn’t very appealing to me so I politely declined. Then he told me he knew quite a few adult film stars, and said that he could set up a dinner date with one of them for me. When I declined again, Trump offered me a lifetime supply of free hotel stays at his international properties. He said that outside of red states in America his properties were having a lot of trouble staying profitable, and that many of his business partners were trying to get out of their Trump branding deals because people didn’t want to stay anywhere with his name on it. He said he couldn’t figure out why business was declining, and asked me if I had any clue why people in Europe and Mexico and the rest of Latin America didn’t like him. I politely explained that I was not the right lawyer for him.”

Avenatti is just one more lawyer to refuse to work defending Trump from his increasingly obvious Russian collusion crimes.

(Picture courtesy of Marc Nozell.)

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