Mike Pence, Who Can See His Political Future Is Sinking With Trump, Spends His Days Writing Musicals

(Picture courtesy of Michael Vadon.)

Washington D.C.—

The days are long and boring for former Vice President Mike Pence since leaving the White House.

However, Mr. Pence has reportedly taken an interest in being a playwright, and has now written several, full-length musicals packed with original songs and lyrics.

“Mike has really blossomed artistically, and I’d say he’s in quite a creative sweet spot,” explained Pence friend Thomas Ralstone. “He’s cranking out a full-blown musical every two weeks, and I believe he’s written some real show-stopping ensemble finales. I’ve had several conversations with him in which he told me he thinks he’s burning out on politics, but sees a bright future in the theatre.”

The Halfway Post obtained a photo of the list of some of Pence’s musicals, and the following are titles of some of Mr. Pence’s scripted productions:

  • Les Biblicalés
  • The Vagina Monologues Rebuttal
  • Testicles, Vice President of Tyre
  • Sorry, Karen, I Married Jesus!
  • Wives: Who Needs Them? A Farce
  • Leviticus Confidential
  • A Midsummer Night’s Abomination
  • Praying For Godot
  • Indy Boys: The Musical
  • So Close, Yet So, So Far: An Impeachment Story
  • The Taming of the Frou
  • Adam, Eve, & Short-Shorts Steve
  • President Lear
  • A Streetcar Named Repentance
  • That One Summer In 1975 With Brad When It Happened
  • Boy Hymens
  • Veep On A White House Roof
  • Judgin’ in the Rain
  • Firefighter Poles

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