Following The Michael Cohen FBI Raid, Donald Trump’s Lawyer’s Lawyer Hires a Lawyer


Washington D.C.—

Following the recent FBI raid against President Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen in his office and hotel room, Mr. Cohen’s lawyer has hired a lawyer as well.

The raid appears to be bad news for Mr. Trump, who is currently embroiled in more scandals than we could possible outline here, and even worse news for Michael Cohen, who Trump recently threw under the bus by denying he had any knowledge of Mr. Cohen’s nondisclosure agreement with and hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels in order to buy her silence just days before Election Day 2016 regarding her affair with Trump.

Mr. Cohen has for many months kept his own lawyer, given his close involvement in Trump’s alleged crimes, but now, for added legal security, THAT lawyer has retained his own private attorney.

It remains to be seen what evidence the FBI obtained from Cohen’s office and hotel room, but things are looking bad for Trump and his legal help.

“I am the most innocent person in America,” exclaimed a defiant Donald Trump on Twitter this afternoon. “No one is more innocent than me, not even Jesus. Trust me. I’m 10,000 times more innocent than Crooked Hillary, but the fake news is acting like she isn’t relevant anymore. UNFAIR!”

Trump then tweeted an hour later the following:

“If it wasn’t for illegal voting, I would have won every single vote in America. The cheatin’ FBI is making me look like a criminal because the FBI is made up of illegal immigrants. Every agent. So is the CIA. And everyone in the media. This country has been invaded by 100 million illegals, and they’re so upset I’m putting a stop to it that they’ve framed me for Russian collusion. Hillary Clinton is an illegal Mexican! Trust me!”

[This story is developing.]

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