Jared And Ivanka Made $82 Million Last Year, Might Be The First ACTUAL Billionaire Trumps


Washington D.C.—

Though the nation still has no clear idea what governmental role they actually perform, Presidential advisers Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner together reportedly earned $82 million last year.

They might be the first Trumps to actually become billionaires, given that President Donald Trump is a financial fraud who once sued his former biographer Timothy O’Brien when the journalist wrote that Trump’s net worth was most likely no more than $150-250 million, and Trump lost the lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Ivanka just received a boatload of Chinese trademarks, so that’s probably gonna give her an economic boost in her Chinese markets. You go, girl, you get to billionaire-status. I don’t know why your focus is your net worth while you have an office down the hall from the Oval Office, but I guess it’s going well for you. Too bad you can’t keep those millions in jail. Maybe you’ll get off, but Jared is definitely gonna be locked up. He’s expendable, get it? Ha! You do you, girl.

(Picture courtesy of The White House.)

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