Trump Reportedly Told Mike Pence His Wife Was A “4” But His Daughters Were “9’s”

(Picturecourtesy of Michael Vadon.)

Washington D.C.—

According to a brand new memoir released this week by former White House aide Steve Shartzer, President Donald Trump rated Vice President Mike Pence’s family according to their physical appearances when he first selected Mr. Pence to join his campaign.

“The President told Pence that his first pick for VP was Ivanka, but after being informed that would be a very ill-advised choice, he was happy to choose Mike in order to shore up support from the Evangelical community,” Shartzer writes in his memoir entitled The 2016 Electoral College Technicality.

“Trump, always a jokester, told Pence his wife was a 4 if he was rating her on a 10-point scale, which he said he originally held against Pence in the VP selection process because he said he didn’t want any ‘fuglies’ hanging around D.C., until he found out Pence had two hot daughters. The President joked that the daughters had great legs and racks, and that if he wasn’t running for President, he’d probably date both of them. Pence laughed, acknowledging Trump’s great sense of humor, and Trump kept riffing. He told Pence that Mrs. Pence needed a facelift, some breast implants, a new nose, and a fake tan, and that, at that point, she might get up to a 7.5 or possibly an 8 at the most. Pence was laughing right along, acknowledging Trump’s unparalleled wit and sense of mirth. Trump then asked Pence if a hooker had ever compared his penis to any varieties of vegetable after sexual intercourse, and Pence explained that no, such an incident had never occurred. Trump explained that he hadn’t asked for any specific reason, and was just curious.”

The memoir will be released for purchase at major book stores next Thursday.

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