Trump’s Latest Twitter Feud: Calls Paul McCartney “Overrated” And The Beatles “Talentless”

(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

Washington D.C.—

In his latest Twitter feud, President Donald Trump has lashed out at Sir Paul McCartney for the singer-songwriter’s recent comment that Trump acted “like a clown.”

The following are the President’s tweets:

“Paul McCartney is a joke. I always thought Ringo was the best songwriter in the group. ‘Hey Jude,’ ‘Yesterday,’ and ‘Let It Be’ are all tied for the worst songs ever written! ‘Eleanor Rigby’… more like ‘Eleanor KILL ME’!”

“’Back In The USSR’…. what kind of song name is that? Was Paul McCartney colluding with Russia? Hey @AdamSchiff, why are you looking into me and not him? Was Paul McCartney working with Russia and funded by Hillary Clinton?”

“People tell me all the time that The Art of the Deal audiotape was way better than anything The Beatles ever recorded! Way catchier, too! The Queen of England actually told me that she only knighted Paul because I was unavailable at the time! Everyone was talking about it when I was in London!”

“And what’s the deal with his accent? Paul McCartney speaks like his mouth is full of marbles! Is he even a real American? Starting tomorrow I’m going to direct the FBI to look into his birth certificate and see what’s really going on!”

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