Donald Trump Says It’s Fake News That “Idiot” Donald Trump Jr. Is His Son

Washington D.C.

In what seems to be a peculiar family fight gone public, President Donald Trump has apparently disowned his son, Donald Jr., due to comments Jr. made in his off-the-record interview with the House Oversight Committee regarding his Trump Tower meeting with Russian government agents.

The following are the tweets the President published on Twitter this morning:

“Don Jr. is a liar, and whatever he told the Angry Democrats is not true. I did not know about the ‘Trump Tower Meeting,’ and frankly, I don’t even know who hired Don Jr. in the Trump Organization. He’s a nobody!” (7:15am)

“If I ever met Don Jr., it was probably for a minute a long time ago. If he were in the room right now, I wouldn’t be able to pick him out! The Failing New York Times will say that this ‘Don Jr.’ (if that’s even his real name!) is my son, but it’s just a coincidence!” (7:18am)

“That idiot can lie all he wants to Democrats, and Pencil Neck Schiff will eat it up, but they’re just jealous that I won the greatest Electoral College victory, probably of all time! I can’t be beat in the Electoral College! I would have won more votes than Hillary if I had campaigned that way, but I didn’t!” (7:22am)

“It’s Fake News that I have any sons. I only have two daughters: Ivanka (or as I call her, Aphrodite) and the other one! Donald Jr. who? I should sue him for copyright infringement…give me back my name you loser rat! No son of mine would ever rat on me! Though I’m totally, 100% innocent!” (7:29am)

“Donald Jr. can suck my hghediuwzshj” (7:33)

It’s unclear what the President was intending to write in this last tweet, and his Twitter was dormant the rest of the day.

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