The Most Popular TV Show In Russia Translates To “Doofy Trump & The Downfall Of America”

Moscow, Russia—

The digital revolution has taken bloom in Russia, and NosFlix, the company considered as “Russia’s Netflix,” has quickly become Russia’s biggest player in streaming.

NosFlix’s popularity has soared in recent months, booming with the national success of NosFlix’s first original show, a cartoon entitled Doofy Trump & The Downfall Of America.

The show centers on a bumbling American President named Doofy Trump, who pretty conspicuously mirrors the real-life Presidency of Donald Trump.

The down-on-his-luck protagonist, Doofy, is obese and clumsy, dull and dim-witted, and keeps a hair piece that has a mind of its own, often luring Doofy into comedic trouble. His makeup is noticeably different in each episode and always smeared, and, though Doofy wears a laughably large diaper, frequent urine spills and defecation smears are animated on his pants throughout each episode.

The show also features rather blatant caricatures of Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and Kim Jong Un as mob-style tough guys, who often trick gullible Doofy into taking out new loans with them he’ll never be able to pay back, and signing terrible deals for America that will lead to the US’s downfall.

The creator of the show, Mikhail Virdiovazov, has said publicly that his show reflects the feeling of pure schadenfreude in Russia that Donald Trump is doing their work of bringing down America’s global influence practically all by himself.

“Donald Trump is barely less pathetic than my cartoon character Doofy,” said Virdiovazov. “We own him. He came here to Moscow and did his Miss Universe thing, the oligarchs gave him a bunch of loans and bailed out his real estate companies, and now he has to do what we want because we can crush him. Doofy is barely a satire of him. Donald is just as stupid as Doofy, he just doesn’t poop his pants as much. I guess you could say, in a way, that Doofy & The Downfall of America is my way of saying that I’d be so pissed if I were an American. Your democracy is slipping from your fingers as we speak. In Russia we haven’t had democracy in a long time, but your government was not designed for someone so corrupt and corruptible as Donald Trump, and he’s taking away yours. He makes it so easy for our government. You know how much of American Twitter is just Russian bots convincing Trump voters they should fear vaccines, and should stockpile guns to go nuts if Trump loses? And that’s why Doofy is the biggest show in Russian streaming. We think Trump ruining America is hilarious.”

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