Trump Says He Only Went To A KKK Cross Burning Because He Thought It Was “T For Trump”

Charlottesville, VA—

President Donald Trump today addressed concerns about his recent attendance at a KKK cross burning.

“I’m the least racist person you’ll ever meet, I guarantee it,” said Mr. Trump at a press conference. “I love the blacks. I love the blacks so much I’m trying really hard to get Kanye West on the ballot and convince black voters not to vote for Joe Biden! So the recent KKK cross-burning I went to was a total accident. I thought the burning cross was just a big T. You know, like Trump. I thought they were celebrating my future reelection with a big T for Trump. I didn’t realize all the white robes were KKK robes. I just thought it was a weird costume party type of thing. I’ve been to some pretty weird costume parties at Jeffrey Epstein’s house, as well as his island, so I thought this was just some weird theme. Kind of a bad theme, if you ask me. You can’t see how young the girls are. Epstein knew how to throw a party. His themes always had creative ways to get the girls to take clothes off, not put a bunch of layers on top of their bodies. I’d hate to be hanging out with a girl only to see her take off her thick, white hood and cape and reveal that she’s an old hag over 22 years old!”

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