Local Cop Has Epiphany That Killing Unarmed Citizens Makes People Upset

(Picture courtesy of Valerie Everett.)

St. Louis, MO—

Local police officer Bart Rutgers reportedly had an epiphany this morning about why trust in law enforcement throughout the United States is plummeting.

“I was eating my breakfast cereal when all of a sudden I had this idea,” explained Officer Rutgers to The Halfway Post. “I started thinking about how it looks when citizens somehow die in police custody, or ironically get arrested for the logically dubious charge of resisting arrest, or getting shot by cops while unarmed. I put myself in the shoes of an average, law-abiding citizen, and I realized that if I weren’t a cop, I’d be upset about those instances regularly happening, too. I started looking up videos on YouTube the other day of police brutality and I was very surprised how many hundreds of videos there are of cops killing family dogs needlessly, of resource officers beating up kids in school, of cops starting fights with calm people on the street, of cops pulling guns out on people seemingly indiscriminately, and of police officers getting caught planting drugs on people while their cameras were still on. It really affected me to see this stuff, and made me realize that police are quite possibly not policing themselves as much as they should be. So I started thinking about the way I do my job, and I realized that maybe escalating every situation I get into so that I can provoke resistance from citizens and then get to respond with overwhelming force that leads to horrible bodily injury or death is maybe not the best way for me to do my job in a manner that earns the respect, trust and faith of my community. I’ll talk to my supervisor about it later today, and see what he thinks. It just seems like the typical police training to view everyone around you at all times as a threat is not conducive for serving and protecting the community, you know?”

From The Halfway Post vault:

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