Free PDF Download Of “Satire In The Trump Years: The Best Of The Halfway Post!”

This is the full cover spread of Satire In The Trump Years! Back cover on left, front on right, spine in the middle!

Faithful readers of The Halfway Post! I HAVE A GIFT FOR YOU! Please enjoy this FREE copy of my hilarious collection of four years’ worth of The Halfway Post‘s most iconoclastic comedy called Satire In The Trump Years: The Best Of The Halfway Post!

It is 101,000 words long across 259 pages full of nonstop mockery of all things Donald Trump, Republicans, and conservatism, and has all my funniest articles jam-packed with hundreds of never-before-seen jokes!

To get your FREE PDF, click the download button immediately below (reading is most convenient on a desktop or tablet), and then meet me again in the following paragraph!

Did you click it? You’re the best! You’re a TRUE PATRIOT, not the fake kind of MAGA patriot who confuses patriotism with public racism!

I only ask that, if you enjoy my sense of humor in this book, on my website, and on my various social media accounts, PLEASE WRITE A REVIEW for the book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, or all of the above!

Reviews are IMPERATIVE for algorithmic success in this digital age, and will help my book get noticed by political comedy lovers online, and I would GREATLY APPRECIATE FOREVER your help getting Satire In The Trump Years digitally visible!

Please write a review on one or more of the links below:

  • For Barnes & Noble, click here!
  • For Amazon, click here!
  • For Kobo, click here!
  • For Apple Books, search for “Satire In The Trump Years” on the app!

My only goal with The Halfway Post is to make you giggle at the absurdities of contemporary conservative politics, and now is your chance to GIVE BACK! So feel free to send this PDF to all your liberal friends and family to spread its satirical mirth and silliness!

And maybe even send it to all your personal enemies, crazy libertarian uncles, and social media trolls to make them increasingly furious with each consecutive satirical article of mine they read making a delightful mockery of all the ideological dogmas The Halfway Post absolutely refuses to respect!

And if you REALLY want to help me out:

  • ASK YOUR LIBRARY either in person or on your library account online to request a copy of Satire In The Trump Years so they buy it, put it on a shelf, and everyone in your community can stumble upon it and enjoy it! It takes just a couple minutes to put in a request, and, if they ask for it, the paperback ISBN number is 978-1-7365819-0-2, and the eBook ISBN number is 978-1-7365819-2-6.
  • Ask your local bookstore to check out Satire In The Trump Years for selling in their establishment and making a hilarious addition to their political humor section. Tell them it’s available on Ingram, the wholesale book distributor most bookstores and libraries use (because they hate Amazon for wrecking the publishing industry), and has the industry-standard 55% discount for retail vendors!
  • If you shop at Barnes & Noble, you can ask them to order it from their online store where the book is available. If they hear people asking for it, they may start stocking it on their prestigious shelves!
  • Consider ordering it from your local indie bookstore. I make a smaller profit from this type of sale, but it helps local mom & pop businesses stay open, and might convince the owners to start carrying my book in-store while making you feel good about contributing to your local neighborhood’s economy! Win-win-win!

If you do any of these AMAZING favors for me, I will tell everyone I know that you don’t poop, you learned to drive at age three, and your magical birth beneath a rainbow turned winter into spring, just like Kim Jong Un!

So if you loathe Donald Trump, I promise you’ll love this book because it’s got the whole Trump presidency literarily immortalized with clever satire, absurdist parody, and more sophomoric jokes about the Trump family, Stephen Miller, Rudy Giuliani, Ted Cruz, and the whole crew of Republican morons than any other book I’ve ever seen or head about!

And if, after perusing this FREE PDF, you’d like a print copy for your own distinguished home library collection, or to gift a copy to liberal humor fans and Trump haters you know for special occasions, I invite you to buy a print copy for the very affordable price of $15.99 at the Amazon and Barnes & Noble links listed above where I discussed reviewing the book!

So if you haven’t already, click the “Download” button immediately below to read Satire In The Trump Years for FREE as a PDF:

Thank you so much for reading and following The Halfway Post, and cheers to many more years of mocking and laughing at the political Right in America!

—Dash MacIntyre

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