Alt-Right Internet Troll Everyone Hates Claims He Has a Girlfriend Again

(Photo courtesy of Paul VanDerWerf.)

Oakland, CA—

In a heated political argument deep in a comment thread below one of local college student Daniel Pollman’s liberal-minded Facebook posts, infamous Alt-Right troll Devin Lumner dubiously insisted he has a girlfriend for the third time.

“I definitely have a girlfriend,” he wrote. “And she agrees with me on all of my unpopular political opinions.”

It was at this point when Pollman friend Rachel Winters, who regularly reads the Pollman-Lumner arguments without getting involved, felt that she absolutely had to call “bullshit” on Lumner’s obvious lie that he had a girlfriend.

“Bullshit!” she wrote in the beginning of a long comment rant. “You don’t believe women should be paid equally because it’s bad for business, you’ve posted that single mothers are worthless, you’ve claimed women on food stamps or other welfare programs should be sterilized, you once literally said divorced women should be killed (do you know FB is public???), two weeks ago you posted a stupid meme of a girl with red knees implying that women only get promotions by blowing their bosses, you regularly rant in FB posts about your own female boss suggesting that she is too stupid for any job let alone the probably awful job she has managing your loser self… there is literally no way in hell you have a girlfriend, or that any girl would find you even remotely attractive—physically or mentally. And the kicker is that even though you commit the logical fallacy of calling girls fat every time they best you in a political argument, YOU’RE NOT IN SHAPE. Literally no one believes you have a girlfriend, so stop saying it. Rant over.”

Winters’ self-described rant has, at time of publishing, been “Liked” 36 times and shared seventeen times.

When Lumner later claimed that Winters was exaggerating and making things up, Winters posted screenshots of literally every accusation she had typed, proving to all thread audience members that Lumner really is a women-hating douche. She then dared Lumner to post a picture of his girlfriend if she does, in fact, exist.

A day and a half after Winters’ dare, Lumner still has not responded.

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