Donald Trump Installs Stair Chair Lifts Throughout The White House


Washington D.C.

Vowing never to walk up the White House’s stairs again, President Donald Trump has installed a stair chair lift on every staircase in his presidential home.

Mr. Trump’s famous disdain for walking up flights of stairs has been well-documented, and the last time he refused to walk up stairs occurred after his invitation to travel to Masada during his Middle East trip’s journey to Israel.

The ancient mountain fortress is a famous Israeli landmark, but Mr. Trump reportedly declined to visit because he could not land his helicopter at the top. The journey up is approximately a 45-minute walk, with over 700 steps.

Mr. Trump embarrassed himself in a similar fashion during the G7 meeting in Sicily when the gathered world leaders chose to walk through Taormina, but Trump declined to walk himself. Instead, he followed behind in a golf cart, and was widely criticized and mocked for it.

The new White House stair chair lifts will no doubt make life easier for Mr. Trump, whose past out-of-shape incidents prove that he is exhausted easily. During the presidential debates against Hillary Clinton, Trump was widely mocked for his bouts of heavy breathing after mere 30-second responses.

These controversies come amid speculation that President Trump is wildly unhealthy, particularly due to his admittedly awful dietary choices and aversion to exercise.

The stair chair lifts throughout the White House vary in time lengths of maneuvering depending on the number of stairs in each staircase, but Mr. Trump is reportedly patient with them. He is also reportedly very excited that he will now dramatically lessen the amount of time his legs have to support his increasingly obese body each day.

(Photo courtesycourtesy of Bcm924.)

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