Putin Upset That Trump Is Not Giving Him Hacking Credit He Deserves


President Donald Trump has tried to shield himself and his campaign staff from allegations of collusion with Russian election hacking efforts, but, while the denials may buy him more time against the several probes from media organizations, Congressional committees and the FBI, they have reportedly hurt Russian President Vladimir Putin’s feelings.

President Trump’s hallmark foreign policy promise was to reset America’s relationship with Russia, but Putin is reportedly upset that Trump is refusing to share credit.

“Putin went to great lengths to impress the new Trump by helping him get elected, but Vlad is a little upset that Trump won’t even acknowledge their relationship in public,” said a Russian diplomat based in Washington D.C., who requested anonymity to discuss private matters. “Vlad can’t read Trump’s mind, and it bothers him that Trump is being so distant.”

With increasing reports of vote hacking, voter roll deleting, and fake news disseminating, it appears that Russia may have done more to get Trump elected than Trump.

“Behind every strong American president is a stronger Russian president,” said a personal friend of Putin, who also requested anonymity to candidly describe Putin’s personal life. “Vlad has vented to me a couple of times in the last week that he even did a few of the voter roll purge hackings himself because he wanted to make sure it got done right for Trump. He even left clues in the hacking code based on an inside joke between the two of them so that when the national security officials would brief Trump on the hacking, Trump would know it was Vlad.”

However, because of the political opposition to Trump’s Russo-friendly agenda in the US, Trump has had to pretend he doesn’t know Mr. Putin.

“Vlad knows that this is the way it has to be,” said the personal friend, “But it doesn’t mean he’s entirely over Trump yet. Vlad told me last week that he will always have fond memories of the summer of ’16.”

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(Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey.)

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