Donald Trump Furious To Find Out Obama Knew Healthcare Was Complicated But Didn’t Tell Him


Washington D.C.

President Donald Trump’s anger in recent months has regularly been noted by media personalities and White House staffers, but Trump’s latest outrage has surprised those close to him.

Mr. Trump is reportedly furious with his predecessor, President Barack Obama, after finding out that Mr. Obama knew all along that healthcare was complicated.

Mr. Trump has been trying for months to pass some form of Obamacare repeal bill, but the House and the Senate have heretofore been unsuccessful in crafting repeal legislation that isn’t hated or mocked by virtually everyone outside of the GOP Congressional delegation.

Enhancing Trump’s frustration, several Republican senators and representatives have leaked to the press their impressions that Mr. Trump has no idea what is in the healthcare bills, and that he apparently has no idea how the healthcare system in the US functions. Mr. Trump has previously claimed that he is “the best at healthcare” and that “no one is better at preventative care” than him.

However, with Congressional action on the repeal stalled, Trump has realized how complicated healthcare really is. And he blames President Obama.

“Trump thinks that President Obama has made him look like a fool,” said a staffer who requested anonymity. “When Trump published a tweet asking ‘who knew healthcare could be so complicated,’ he literally thought no one knew. Of course a lot of people knew, but Trump was especially upset that President Obama never called him to explain it all.”

The staffer admitted that Mr. Trump never actively sought Mr. Obama’s advice, but that the current president still considers it a personal attack.

“Trump hasn’t calmed down since yesterday morning, when he realized how much work Obama originally put into Obamacare,” said the staffer. “When he first was elected, Trump was under the impression that a simple executive order could change the law, but now he’s furious to find out how limited the Presidency is due to the Constitution’s checks and balances. He has broken every TV screen in the White House because he destroys one when he hears a TV pundit criticizing Trumpcare, but he is so addicted to cable news that he cannot go more than five minutes before compulsively turning on a different TV to CNN. The staff is beginning to worry about the cost Trump’s TV damages are costing American taxpayers.”

It’s just another excuse President Trump is inventing to blame his political failures on his popular, cool predecessor.

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

9 thoughts

  1. Everything that falls apart is President Obama’s fault. If trump would just own up to the fact that he’s a dumbass 💩Stain he might feel better. I have never in the history of Presidents seen such a dummy. President Obama design the Affordable Health Care act so it wouldn’t be touched. Had the dummy been watching the Presidents message to ppl instead of living on twitter he would have known this.


  2. Trump is mental. When he leaves WH th we u better take inventory of everything cause he n his cabinet n spawns mite fill bags with historic relics. He’s a child that has tantrums daily. Jail or impeach now!!!!!!💩💩💩🐷🐽👿


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