New Christian Toy Trend: Fetus Dolls


St. Louis, MO—

There’s a new trend for girls in Christian families, and it’s a hot, new take on the classic doll toy. The new doll is designed in the shape of a fetus, and it allows Christian girls to imagine and pretend they have their very own gestating fetuses.

The fetus dolls come in a spherical womb-like holder, and have a button on the holder’s base that when pressed makes the fetus doll appear to talk. There are three phrases programmed in this first edition of the toy: “Abortion is murder,” “Hell lasts forever,” and “God sees everything you do and knows everything you think!”

The dolls are not interactive beyond the recorded messages, and the packaging states that the doll’s intended use is as a reminder for little girls that abortion is a sin.

The fetus dolls’ holders have ink cartridges attached to the base, so in the event that the doll is removed from the “womb,” the ink cartridge explodes and sprays ink in all directions while the doll’s speaker blares a loud police siren.

“It’s never too early to instill an appropriate, terrifying fear of God,” said fetus doll creator John Kostandinis. “We believe this toy is the perfect gift for any little girls above the age of 3.”

The fetus dolls have gone viral since a product placement on the 700 Club, with a personal recommendation from Pat Robertson himself. The first shipment of fetus dolls, approximately 50,000 dolls, was sold out in only one week. Production of the dolls has ramped up considerably, and the next shipment is expected to top one million dolls.

(Photo courtesy of xersti.)

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