Donald Trump Demands That East Korea and West Korea Give The US More Money Amidst North Korean Aggression


Washington D.C.—

A White House aide who requested anonymity to mock President Donald Trump told The Halfway Post that Mr. Trump asked China in a phone call to President Xi Jinping why East Korea and West Korea weren’t doing anything to help deescalate the tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

“Xi tried to explain that those countries didn’t exist, but Mr. Trump wouldn’t listen, and instead made fun of the Chinese President for not being as smart with geography as he was,” said the aide. “Trump then told Xi to pass on a message to the East and West Korean governments that they would have to start paying the US more money in defense deals if they wanted to continue benefitting from the American nuclear umbrella. Xi again tried to explain that those countries do not exist, but Trump insisted that the Chinese government do a little more exploring if they really were unaware of two countries in China’s own backyard. Trump then compared the Chinese government to the Obama Administration, because he said that Obama was so bad at negotiations and foreign politics that he had never even written down East and West Korea’s phone numbers.”

[This story is developing.]

(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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