Donald Trump Spends All Morning Twitter Feuding With A Baseball Team Of 12-Year-Olds


Washington D.C.—

In a series of tweets from President Donald Trump’s official POTUS Twitter account, Mr. Trump insulted and questioned the patriotism of the River City Jackals, a local little league baseball team made up of 12-year-olds.

It started when the River City Jackals published a tweet tagging @RealDonaldTrump and asked Mr. Trump to post a tweet explaining why football players were kneeling across the country. Accompanying the text was a picture of the team kneeling.

There is one black little leaguer on the team, and the rest of the team is white, though the entire team, coach included, wanted to show their solidarity with the kneeling movement.

“I’m so proud of my kids,” said Jackals Coach Allan Gecco. “They may be young, but they still understand the major issues going on in our society. We have talked about it as a team, and my players kept bringing it up during practices, and it was obvious they were struggling with the President’s lack of interest in supporting the right to peacefully protest racial discrimination. I mean, the guy is talking worse about players respectfully kneeling by themselves not harming anyone in any way than he talked about actual neo-Nazis. But the whole team has really rallied together, and they chose to make their feelings a public statement. I think it’s great they’re getting involved.”

Donald Trump—responding personally and immaturely to the Jackals’ tweet for some reason—posted six tweets over a span of 3 hours. It was evidently on his mind for a while.

Within the tweets, the President called the players of the Jaguars the following insults:






“banned from playing with Barron”

Just a reminder that the targets of these presidential insults are indeed 12 years old.

(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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