Donald Trump Asked Robert Mueller Who Is Going To Be Indicted, “For A Friend”


Washington D.C.—

President Donald Trump reportedly called Special Counsel Robert Mueller and asked him who he was going to indict next.

President Donald Trump, however, made clear at the beginning of the call that he was “only asking for a friend.”

A White House spokesman told The Halfway Post that the President asked “innocently and legally.”

“President Trump knows the legal boundaries of the law more than anyone, and so he made it very clear that he was not asking about himself,” the spokesman said. “The President respects the divide between the Justice Department and the Oval Office, and he was merely asking for a private friend, who was not in any way connected to the White House or its legal interests. The President was adamant that he wasn’t even the least bit curious himself, but was only calling because his friend had asked him to.”

Mr. Mueller promptly hung up the phone on the President.

(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

2 thoughts

  1. He really shouldn’t be asking that anyway considering he is being investigated also. Plus he lies so much no one believes him. Mueller should not be obligated to tell him anything concerning the indictments


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