Neil Gorsuch Thinks His Supreme Court Votes Are Legitimate….Lol


Washington D.C.—

Just a friendly observation from The Halfway Post that it’s really cute that Neil Gorsuch thinks his Supreme Court votes are legitimate.

It’s also cute that Mr. Gorsuch thinks his opinions on cases before the Supreme Court matter, and that he thinks he should open his mouth at all during deliberation. …Because Gorsuch is not a legitimate justice on the bench of this Supreme Court. Accordingly, he should resign.

Gorsuch claims to be a “strict Constitutionalist,” but what an absurd notion given that he has not given up his seat in favor of Merrick Garland. Nor has Gorsuch called Garland before every vote to be told how to vote… since it is Garland’s seat. A strict constitutionalist never would have refused to grant President Obama his Constitutional responsibility to replace Antonin Scalia.

No decision this conservatism-slanted Supreme Court makes is legitimate as a result. If Neil Gorsuch was actually a strict Constitutionalist like he says, he would have refused to participate in Mitch McConnell’s political chicanery to steal Obama’s pick. McConnell and Gorsuch both are loose Constitutionalists. Neil Gorsuch is the loosest Constitutionalist ever appointed to the Supreme Court.


(Picture courtesy of Elvert Barnes.)

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