Joe Arpaio Says, If Elected To The Senate, He’ll Try Not To Start Any More Concentration Camps



In an exclusive phone interview with The Halfway Post, disgraced ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio, the controversial recipient of a 2017 Trump Presidency pardon and current candidate to replace Jeff Flake in his Arizona US Senate seat, we asked Mr. Arpaio, in the event he was elected, if he would use his time in the Senate to organize any new concentration camps.

The hot mess sheriff is, of course, nationally infamous for proudly boasting that he ran his corrections facility like a concentration camp, going so far as to force inmates to live in a “tent city” that would reach up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. He also, for some sexist reason, habitually refused to follow up on 400+ sex crimes.

Arpaio’s self-described concentration camp fittingly led to a suspiciously high death rate of inmates with numerous suicides, which, along with lawsuits from arresting journalists who worked to disclose his crimes against humanity, lost the county that repeatedly elected him tens of millions of dollars. Arpaio also tried to stage his own assassination, a politically-motivated stunt akin to blowing himself, a publicity fail for which an innocent man had to spend four years in jail after being framed by Arpaio’s police force. What a douche!

The Halfway Post’s phone conversation with Mr. Arpaio was very brief, and we coaxed just four words from him in response to our query whether he would use the Senate seat, if elected, to set up any new concentration camps:

“I’ll try not to.”

(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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