Local Trump Voter Has Epiphany That His Vote For Trump Is Biggest Regret Of His Life


St. Louis, MO—

A local Trump voter this morning caused a scene downtown in front of the Old Courthouse, apparently stopping in the middle of a crosswalk to passionately apologize to the St. Louis public for voting for President Donald Trump in 2016.

A Halfway Post reporter saw the commotion, and ran to the man later identified as Frank McCreary. The following is a transcript of an audio recording of the last few minutes of the man’s rant.

“Trump’s presidency is at a new low, which is astounding given how low it has crawled already. The Trump Administration has just shown it is incapable of governing. Trump is a total fraud as a dealmaker. Art of the Deal, yeah right! He was, personally, the reason several bipartisan Senate deals were scuttled. His fluctuations, his inability to commit to anything or even pay attention, and his sheer self-absorption ruined the bargain. As spineless as Congressional Republicans are in standing up to Trump’s utter degradation of American democracy, this shutdown cannot even be said to be Mitch McConnell’s fault, given that McTurtle publicly lamented on television previously that the problem was that Trump never told Congressional Republican Leadership what he wanted, perhaps in an effort to catch the television-addicted President’s meandering focus. The President never told his party’s own congressional majorities that he would not sign the DACA policy they were working on. How ridiculous!”

A truck horn interrupts the audio, and then McCreary continues.

“It’s obviously demoralizing as a citizen. What is to be proud of? Conservatives are boastfully appeasing Trump in soiling every intellectual norm and patriotic tradition of our public government, and the political right’s serotonin now comes from an addiction to pointless socially divisive culture battles waged not for philosophical principle but ideological tribalism. To get back at liberals for being right about virtually everything over the last eighteen years. We conservatives have turned radical because of it, going back from our inability to accept the fact that George W. Bush was an awful president, to the Iraq War reelection being a grave, terrible mistake of the American hegemony. Let’s be sure to remember the economic disaster the Republican-controlled Congress of ’05-’06 inspired with awful fiscal and regulatory policies. And we didn’t want to let Obama fix the giant mess, so we filibustered everything. And now, our reaction to Obama has shamefully been to elect Trump, who has shredded the world leadership position that Obama managed to re-obtain for the nation. I suppose the zeitgeist of conservatism is revolving around somehow hubristically proving Obama wasn’t a good president by undoing Obama’s entire legacy. And Trump has colored in the contrast between him and Obama with bold ink by being 100% the inappropriate president that liberals said he would be. Hillary Clinton, I never thought I’d say this, was right about everything as regards to Trump being a fraud and a con. This guy couldn’t even go a full year without a government shutdown, with both Congressional majorities. Wow. Republicans, my beloved party for my entire adult life, it pains me to say, does not deserve to govern and has expressed clearly and unambiguously its total capitulation to a burgeoning American oligarchy. And now this ICE stuff deporting all these Mexicans and refusing to honor their entire lives spent living in America as Americans. What are we doing here? Are we the next reiteration of the Good Germans? Come on, America! Voting for Donald Trump is the biggest regret of my life, followed by all the votes I have cast for Republicans since Bob Dole in ’96. Conservatism and the GOP have lead America far astray! I’m sorry everyone. I’m sorry! I cannot apologize enough. Please accept this apology, the beginning of my quest to prove how truly sorry I am. I cannot bear the weight of regret on my shoulders. Trump must be stopped. I will henceforth spend all my energy convincing the people around me to make sure they’re registered to vote and that they vote for the future of America. We must vote out Trump and the entire, morally-failed Republican Party. Please forgive me, St. Louis. I’m sorry!”

(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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