Donald Trump Called Obama To Ask What He Did When His Sons Were Being FBI-Investigated


Washington D.C.—

President Donald Trump launched his political career maligning President Obama and claiming that Mr. Obama was not a US citizen and therefore an invalid president, but several White House sources have confirmed to The Halfway Post that Mr. Trump did call Obama to ask his advice on one issue.

“It was kind of surprising, but Trump did call Obama one time,” said a White House aide who was in the room when the phone call occurred. “Trump dialed up Obama when news first broke that Jared Kushner was being investigated by Bob Mueller for his efforts to secure giant sketchy bank loans for his family’s company. Donald Jr. of course was already in trouble for that Trump Tower meeting with Russian operatives, and President Trump was a little desperate for advice. So he dials Obama, and Obama picks up and Trump says its him and you can tell Obama is like, ‘WTF?’ but Trump just got right into the business of the call. He goes ‘Hey Barack, just calling for some advice…when you were president, what did you do when your sons became targets of several Congressional and FBI investigations? I’m just curious, asking for a friend, you know?’ And Obama just kind of pauses, and several seconds pass, and he finally says ‘Well, you know, Donald, I don’t have any sons, and uh, neither of my daughters ever committed any federal crimes involving collusion with foreign countries or fragrant abuses of one’s political office, and I also never hired them to governmental positions.’ And so Trump thinks for a second, and then asks Obama what he would do if Obama did have sons and if they had committed such crimes. Obama paused again, and then said he was busy and hung up. Trump looked a little perturbed, but it got pretty weird because Trump then spent the rest of the day telling everyone that Obama called him and that he hung up on Obama. Kind of strange.”


(Picture  courtesy of the US Department of Agriculture.)

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