Desperate Trump Promises North Korea He’d Never Break Nuclear Deal Like He Just Broke Iran’s Nuclear Deal


Washington D.C.—

Amidst growing tensions that threaten to derail the North Korean nuclear deal, President Donald Trump has promised Kim Jong-un that he would never break the Korean nuclear deal like he just broke the Iranian nuclear deal.

Trump posted the following tweets to Twitter this morning:

“The Iran Deal is WAY different than the NK Deal! With the Iran Deal we were giving economic relief in exchange for ending Iran’s nuclear program, but with the NK Deal we are giving economic relief in exchange for ending the North Korean nuclear program! Totally different countries!”

“The Iran Deal was with Iranians, the NK Deal is with Koreans. The Fake News wants you to believe these deals are the same concept, but that’s like saying an Iranian looks the same as a Korean! They look totally different! Iranians look a little more normal!”

“Ayatollah Khamenei is an old skinny man, Kim Jong-un is a young fat man. It’s like Low-Ratings CNN and Failin’ NYTimes don’t have eyeballs, TOTALLY DIFFERENT deals! With the Iranians we offered hummus during our meetings, with Kim Jong-un we gave him rice!”

“Iranians and North Koreans have different skin colors, different eye sizes, different languages, different cultures and different histories. So just because I broke our promises with Iran doesn’t mean I’ll break my promises with North Korea. That’s racist!”

(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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