Following Sarah Sanders’ Retirement, Kellyanne Conway Is Coronated Liar Queen

Washington D.C.

Amidst Trump Administration Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ resignation from her spokeswoman position, the ceremonial transition of the White House Liar-in-Chief tiara will pass from Ms. Sanders to top Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway.

Ms. Conway is a notable liar herself, but spent much of the last two years in the lying shadow of Sanders. Conway has long been an outspoken and vocal defender of President Trump, and her various appearances on cable news networks spawned numerous entries of dishonesty into the capital city’s annual Liar Queen contest.

Her most infamous moment of mistruthing, a claim that former-press secretary Sean Spicer was giving “alternative facts” instead of, presumably, the real, legitimate facts, and the moral faux pas spawned thousands of memes and jokes throughout the media landscape.

The Passing Of The Liar Tiara ceremony will take place tomorrow at 11am in the White House Rose Garden, and Roger Stone, the current Liar King, will officiate the festivities.

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(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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