Trump Wanted To Mail Stimulus Checks With Trump Hotel Coupons

Washington D.C.—

According to White House insiders, President Donald Trump fought for weeks to include a Trump Organization coupon with the stimulus checks mailed to millions of Americans.

Trump’s advisers eventually convinced him such an act would be illegal, in bad taste, and arguably a blatant violation of the Constitution’s emoluments clause which could open him up for another impeachment trial.

Trump reluctantly agreed, but an anonymous White House staffer delivered to The Halfway Post the coupon’s finished design that had been completed before Treasury Secretary Mnuchin was able to dissuade Trump from mailing any out with relief checks.

The coupons would have been good at any of Trump’s hotels, except for his DC property, which is currently booked out with reservations for an indefinite period of time by the Saudi Arabian royal family, which Mr. Trump has described as “totally not a conflict of interest.”

The following is the coupon design:

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