Nowhere In The Constitution Does It Say We Can’t Turn RBG Into An Immortal Cyborg

Washington D.C.—

This is just a reminder that the Constitution is very vague on turning liberal-leaning Supreme Court justices into cyborgs by replacing their failing organs with robotic electronics so that they become immortal.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has again visited the hospital due to a gall bladder-related problem, and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Mitch McConnell would ram a Trump-appointed replacement through the Senate if there were but ten seconds left in Trump’s presidency, despite his preposterous rationale to block Obama’s last court appointment, Merrick Garland, in the last year of his presidency.

So let’s give Ms. Ginsburg a new gall bladder made of titanium that will never fail and is even bullet-proof. In fact, let’s replace all her organs with complex machinery, and keep her on the Court deep into the 23rd Century.

We have to start somewhere with the fusion of humanity and technology, why not RBG?

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(The picture is a screenshot from this NPR video.)

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