Trump Never Looked Smaller Than Telling Lies Beneath Honest Abe

Washington D.C.—

If we have a Mt. Rushmore for our best presidents, let’s make a monument to our worst presidents.

Maybe a statue somewhere with the busts of Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Warren Harding, Herbert Hoover, George W. Bush and Donald Trump that dog walkers can throw their bags of dog poop at as they walk by.

Even before the conclusion of Donald Trump’s presidency, we can rest assured his bust would be the largest of the worst presidents in such a memorial. He deserves it.

From accomplishing so little, to getting elected with the help of so many blatant criminals and foreign actors, to appointing so many treasury thieves to government jobs, to embodying such a poor moral and personal example of leadership and humanity, to brainless foreign policy, to overt racism and divisiveness, to his Twitter forum full of spelling errors and tantrums, to his wildly uninhibited dishonesty, to his failure to achieve impulsive campaign promises, to his horrifying degradation of national institutions, and to his disastrous response to the coronavirus that has turned America into a paragon of supremely pitiful incompetence, Donald J. Trump is willfully, militantly and gleefully the worst president we’ve ever had.

The full-of-lies-and-unearned-self-congratulation interview with Fox News he conducted underneath Honest Abe at the Lincoln Memorial was the perfect symbol of Trump’s smallness in the pantheon of US Presidents.

A tiny little man beneath a giant.

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