Rudy Giuliani Sex Tape Found On The Computer He Claims Belongs To Hunter Biden

Washington D.C.—

According to an FBI expert who examined the computer Rudy Giuliani says contains emails from Hunter Biden about his dad, the computer also contained several amateur pornographic videos Mr. Giuliani apparently filmed and edited of himself.

“These videos were some terrifying things,” explained the FBI expert, who of course asked for anonymity to leak details about the contents of the computer. “As one of the people who had to watch the videos for evidence-related purposes, I really wish Rudy had been more careful with this October-surprise stunt and cleared off his own personal material before giving the computer to the FBI.”

There were reportedly six Giuliani tapes ultimately recovered from the computer’s hard drive.

“Giuliani is an infamous fan of cross-dressing, and several of the videos feature that talent,” continued the FBI agent. “In one he appears to have made a sculpture of President Donald Trump with assorted items from around the house. The Trump-looking mannequin had a volleyball for a head with a drawn face and a mouth cut into it, what looked like a mop spray-painted gold to resemble Trump’s hair, and brooms for his arms and legs. This video was the longest at about thirteen minutes in which Giuliani, dressed like a hooker, improvises the act of flirting with and seducing President Trump into a sexual liaison. Then he dropped his dress, took off his bra, and for the sake of The Halfway Post‘s family audience I won’t describe what happens next. I’ll only say that it is my greatest regret in life that I cannot unsee what Rudy did to that poor volleyball as he screamed about colluding harder and harder.”

From The Halfway Post vault:

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