Georgia Election Officials Say The Constitution Does Not Specifically Say Democrats Can Vote

Atlanta, GA—

Georgia is back under fire for voting rights infringements, and state officials were caught tossing out thousands of votes in urban areas of Atlanta on account of those voters “looking sketchy.”

To defend the disenfranchisement, Georgia’s Deputy Officer of Election Integrity Paul Downson provided a novel legal argument to toss out EVERY Democratic vote in the state.

“As a strict Constitutionalist Republican,” said Mr. Downson, “I couldn’t help but notice that nowhere in the US Constitution does it explicitly say that Democrats get to vote. I don’t know what those communists in California, New York, and Hawaii, among others, are doing by counting every random Democratic ballot that gets submitted, but in Georgia we follow the Constitution, and, quite frankly, I don’t even believe Democrats are authorized in the Constitution to run for Senate or President at all! So sorry, Joe Biden, maybe you can win votes in Soviet Delaware, but I’ll be cold and in the ground before my beloved Georgia assaults our perfect Constitution by contributing any electoral votes to a Democrat! I’m thankful every day our Founding Fathers were wise enough even back then to not specifically protect Democrats’ rights to elect Satanic socialists like Biden to the White House!”

From The Halfway Post vault:

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