Melania Trump Admits In New “The View” Interview That She Voted For Hillary


In a stunning admission during a guest appearance on The View, First Lady Melania Trump announced that she did not, in fact, vote for her husband Donald Trump.

“To be honest, I did not want to be First Lady, and I really have always respected Hillary Clinton as a role model for women and girls everywhere,” she said.

The statement visually stunned the show co-hosts, and the audience audibly gasped.

“When Donald first told me he wanted to be president—in the first ten minutes of knowing him—I didn’t believe him,” Mrs. Trump continued. “But then President Obama just absolutely humiliated Donald in public by actually turning out to be an American-born citizen with a legitimate birth certificate after literally years of Donald yelling at cable news television screens that he wasn’t, and I couldn’t talk Donald out of it. And I tried everything—everything! I told him, ‘Donald, you don’t know anything about healthcare,’ and, ‘Donald, you don’t know anything about ISIS or the Middle East,’ and ‘Donald, you don’t know how bills are presented separately into the bicameral chambers of Congress and turned into laws,’ and ‘Donald, you don’t like walking up stairs and if you’re president you might have to walk up a bunch of stairs from time to time,’ but I just could not convince him.”

The View co-hosts were still stunned, so after an awkward silence Mrs. Trump continued.

“And the worst part is that Donald really regrets ever running at all. He wants to quit, but the only thing he hates more than having to read his page-long national security briefings, and having to pretend to respect women foreign leaders, and having discussions with actually rich and successful people is looking like a loser. And, meanwhile, Donald is just totally terrified that some Russian oligarch is going to leak his pee tape… I mean… Can we cut to a commercial?”

The clip immediately went viral.

(Photo courtesy of Marc Nozell.)

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