Historians Conclude That Donald Trump Is “The Nickelback” Of Presidents


St. Louis, MO—

Historians from Yale and Harvard teamed up this summer to compile a rating of the presidents, but with criteria never before used.

The historians first compiled a rating list of 45 musical artists in past decades, and, once placed in order from best to worst, the historians selected the musical artists’ presidential comparisons. The list of musicians started with The Beatles at number one, and, at number 45, the Canadian rock band Nickelback.

At number 45, last place on the presidential side, was sitting-President, Donald J. Trump.

“The official listing of presidents by musical artist was computerized with an aggregate of historians from multiple universities across America,” explained Harvard project lead Adam Martin. “A total of 82 historians individually scored the musical acts and the presidents, and this is probably, at least in terms of size of the pool of historians involved, the most exhaustively prepared rating effort of the presidents ever.”

Some highlights from the listing:

#1. Abraham Lincoln : The Beatles

#2. FDR : Bob Dylan

# 3. Thomas Jefferson : Aretha Franklin

#11. Barak Obama : Buddy Holly

#33. Howard Taft : Celine Dion

#45. Donald Trump : Nickelback

(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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