Donald Trump Actually Battles Rex Tillerson In An IQ Test, Quits After Third Question


Washington D.C.—

Agreeing to President Donald Trump’s IQ test challenge, almost-ex Secretary of State Rex Tillerson walked across the White House to the Oval Office and demanded Trump take an IQ test in a Facebook livestream Mr. Trump could not back out of and save face.

Secretary Ben Carson happened to be hanging around at the time, and he officiated an IQ test he found near the top of a Google search. The rules stipulated one hour to finish as many questions as possible out of sixty.

There was only one computer in the room, so Mr. Tillerson took the test first, while Trump watched him. He worked diligently and didn’t answer all the questions, but he methodically worked them one at a time. He ultimately scored an amicable 110.

Mr. Trump went second, but a technical difficulty ensued in that the IQ test had only one set of questions. This gave Mr. Trump, who had just watched Tillerson take the test, a distinct advantage.

Trump began the test very confidently, but the first question stumped him. He tried two more and then abruptly quit, unable even to remember any of Tillerson’s answers.

Trump explained to the gathered White House crowd that he didn’t want to embarrass his Secretary of State, and left for a golfing outing.

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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