Donald Trump Demanded His Cabinet Secretaries Agree His IQ Is Higher Than Bob Mueller’s IQ


Washington D.C.—

In an emergency cabinet meeting, President Donald Trump hoped to think up a strategy for how the administration should react to the exploding Russia scandal, but he reportedly derailed the meeting by insisting that every cabinet member pledge on a Bible that his IQ was higher than Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s IQ.

A White House aide, who requested anonymity, explained to The Halfway Post that some cabinet members looked visibly uncomfortable reciting the pledges, and others refused to take the pledge at all. This upset the President greatly, and he started threatening the holdouts by promising to fight their reelection bids.

“Then Secretary of State Rex Tillerson corrected Trump that the secretaries were not elected but appointed, and that made Trump seethe even more intensely,” said the aide. “He paced back and forth at the side of the room breathing heavily and audibly through his nose, and then he turned on Fox & Friends to calm himself down. The entire cabinet watched awkwardly for a half hour until the President abruptly turned off the television and announced that if everyone was in agreement that his IQ was indisputably higher than Robert Mueller’s IQ, the meeting was adjourned.”

The cabinet secretaries than all shuffled out of the room, except for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson who remained asleep in his chair.

(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

One thought

  1. President Trump is obviously smarter than Mueller because he is President and Mueller isn’t. President Trump’s IQ is 156 only second to John Quincy Adams 175! Mueller isn’t investigating Russian Collusion which he was appointed to do, this alone shows how stupid he is, he has been trying to create a crime to use against President Trump and has failed miserably! Mueller’s biggest problem is that he is an idiot trying to bring down a genius, ain’t going to happen! Trump/Pence 2020!


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