North Korean Media Claims Kim Jong Un Won Every Season Of Trump’s “The Apprentice”


New York, NY—

North Korean media has always been inventive listing the supposed talents and accomplishments of its Dear Leaders, and the rogue state’s premier telecom company is at it again.

“Kim Jong Un is a brilliant business entrepreneur,” claimed a North Korean video that went viral earlier this week. “Dear Leader is also a supremely victorious competitor, and he competed on and won all 15 season of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice, both regular and celebrity editions. Dear Leader singlehandedly saved President Donald Trump’s family company with his genius ideas he offered to Trump for free on the show. The only reason Donald Trump has money today is because Kim Jong Un’s business propositions from the show were so successful and profitable. Trump’s Washington D.C. hotel was Dear Leader’s idea.”

The suggestion is demonstrably false, given the copious evidence that Kim Jong Un has never competed on even one season of The Apprentice.

(Picture courtesy of diapositiv.fotografie.)

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