Democrats Realize Trump Was Right When He Said They’d Get Tired Of Winning So Much


St. Louis, MO—

Democrats have had a winning streak of competitive special elections in red states not typically politically conducive to Democratic victory, and it has inspired fear in Republicans’ hearts of a coming “blue wave.”

State legislatures are seeing Democratic victories in traditionally deep red counties as Trump’s toxic unpopularity has inspired liberal voters to record participation and activism. Things are so bad that Republican governors like Scott Walker in Wisconsin have been accused of refusing to hold special elections because they fear that Democrats cannot be stopped.

This only means on thing: Donald Trump was right. Thanks to him, Democrats can’t believe how much they’re winning. The President was mocked during the election for his wild claims of endless winning for America, but, in fact, he was right… for Democrats.

“It’s ironic, but Trump was actually right about one thing,” explained Democratic State Senator Tom Muriel. “We Democrats are mopping the floor, and if the Democratic turnout we saw in the recent Pennsylvania House race with Connor Lamb holds proportionally at the national level, we Democrats have the potential to flip over 100 House seats in November. Yowza! I never thought I’d say this, but thank you, Donald Trump, for being so awful of a president that your corrupt stain on American society and democracy is literally inspiring millions of Americans to take back their country from racist, fascist wannabes like you and your die-hard fans. It warms my heart to think that Donald Trump will be a net-positive for the greater good of America by swinging the pendulum of US politics so far to the liberal side that we can undo the terrible messes and crimes he, along with decades of bad Republican behavior in the executive and legislative branches of government, have committed against our democracy. Thanks, Donald!”

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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