Donald Trump Jr.’s Favorite Band, Unsurprisingly, Is Nickelback

New York City

In a Q&A today with the digital magazine Celebrities’ Children, Donald Trump Jr. revealed that his favorite musical group of all time is Nickelback.

“Something about their lyrics just really speaks to me,” Trump Jr. said. “I know they’re the most hated band in the world, but I really like that underdog quality they have. They remind me of myself. I mean, I’ve been an underdog my whole life. With just a little trust fund of a few hundred million dollars, I’ve saved and saved, and haven’t lost it all. Like, when my dad was my age, he had already declared a bankruptcy. And do you realize how fast I rose to one of the top ranks of the Trump Organization? How many people can say that they helped manage a billion dollar company while still in their twenties? And I had literally no help, I did it all by myself. I just worked crazy hard for a few days after I graduated from college, and my dad promoted me all the way to the top!”

Donald Jr. explained that his favorite songs by Nickelback included “Photograph,” “Rockstar,” and “How You Remind Me.”

“Photograph may be my favorite song of all time,” Donald Jr. continued. “I have so many photographs that I also laugh every time I look at them, just like the lyrics mention. There’s this one photograph where my father looks totally furious, and he’s pointing his finger at Eric and you can totally tell Eric is in trouble. It makes me laugh because that’s sooo my dad. He’s always yelling at us and calling us ‘stupid,’ or ‘idiots,’ or ‘regrets.’ It’s how he shows his affection.”

(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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