IRS Leak: 96% Of Trump’s Money Is Tied Up In A Cryptocurrency Called “Putin Bucks”

Washington D.C.

In a stunning bombshell report from The New York Times, an unprecedented IRS whistleblower has revealed that the vast majority of President Donald Trump’s net worth is tied up in a cryptocurrency based out of Moscow called “Putin Bucks.”

A full 96% of the Trump Organization’s gross sales are paid for in Putin Bucks at Mr. Trump’s hotels, golf clubs, and real estate properties.

The rest of Mr. Trump’s income appears to come from the Federal Government, paid for with US tax dollars for activities ranging from Secret Service golf cart rentals to military reservations at his hotels.

Trump immediately took to Twitter with accusations of fake news.

“That is the fakest of fake news,” Trump tweeted. “I barely have any Putin Bucks. I maybe was gifted some a long time ago, but I bet Joe Biden’s son has way more Putin Bucks than I do! Is it my fault Putin thinks I’m such a great business man that he pays triple the cost for my hotel rooms and then never even stays there? I can’t help it that I’m so good at business!”

This story is still breaking.

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(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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