Local Incels Insist Feminists Are The “Real Nazis” Because Women “Won’t Put Out”

Houston, TX—

In a stunning case of absent introspection, self-described Alt-Righters are blaming feminists for why they’re still virgins. They also complained that women were increasingly getting involved in traditionally male activities and interests, and ruining them.

“The idea that women should have equal access to all recreational activities is idiotic,” insists Alt-Righter Thomas Mann, 24, a conspiracy theory website content creator. “Women should not be allowed to play video games, write articles on the Internet, have full-time jobs, study any of the STEM subjects in college, drive sports cars, be doctors, involve themselves in politics, or refuse sex with me. I’m 36-years-old and still a virgin, and every time I try to talk to a woman she turns out to be some feminazi who won’t have sex with me on the first date, or agree to go on a second date, or return any of my messages no matter how threatening they get. Something’s real wrong with women in 2019, and it’s f****** bullshit. They’re the real Nazis!”

Another Alt-Righter, Jeremy Holmes, 27, described his anger with women being generated by his female manager in the construction company for which he works.

“She’s such a b****. She always says that I have an attitude, and that I don’t work well with others, but maybe it’s because she’s a woman and doesn’t belong in construction. She’s always giving me crap about how I’m not a team-player, but maybe she shouldn’t be my boss if she can’t handle how much of an alpha I am. She keeps passing me over for promotions in favor of all the other guys who follow her directions, listen to and act on her advice, and respect her. They’re just sensitive losers who don’t understand masculinity. Total betas. They may have girlfriends and wives, and get regular sex, and do fun things at night and on the weekends, and have large, dynamic friend groups they enjoy spending time with, but it’s because they’ve practically given away their balls. They think men should be nice and empathetic, and talk to women without implying they want to have sex with them, and that’s why they’re weak. The fact that they’re somehow happy with their beta lives is total proof how screwed up our society has become. And women are making it worse by rewarding that sissiness with their love. I may have no friends, no fun, and have no friendly interactions with females whatsoever, but it’s because women have neutered men.”

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(Picture courtesy of JD Hancock, jdhancock.com.)

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