“Blacks For Trump” Group Has 116 Members, And They’re All White

Atlanta, GA—

A local fan group for President Donald Trump called “Blacks For Trump” just finished their annual membership drive that increased their roster to 116 Trump fans, but, unfortunately, they still have yet to recruit a single black member.

“I don’t understand it,” explained group founder Ronald Daniels, 44, “We even wrote on the flyers that we passed out all month that our introductory party would have all the free fried chicken, watermelon, cornbread, and Kool-Aid they could eat and drink. I thought black people loved those!”

Mr. Daniels showed our Halfway Post reporter the flyer they used, and the number of stereotypes it crammed into a single-sided sheet of paper was breathtaking.

“Now, of course we know the blacks don’t like to be called the N-word,” explained Daniels, “So we made sure our flyer only referred to prospective members as ‘negroes’ and ‘coloreds.’ See? Conservatives can be politically correct and welcoming, too!”

At the bottom was printed a question whether any interested African-Americans could bring their friends and family members to the introductory party, followed by the answer “fo shizzle my nizzle” written in comic sans.

“We thought for sure this flyer would attract so many blacks that our party would be ‘off the chain’ like the blacks say,” Daniels continued. “We even pooled our money together and hired several security guards to help keep things under control… you know, because we were expecting there would be so many blacks there. But, unfortunately, we didn’t need them because not even a single black came, so we sent them home early. Although we still had a little issue when someone stole some money out of a bunch of our lady members’ purses after the security guards left. You can imagine how surprised and disappointed we were. We just weren’t expecting any whites to commit crimes!”

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(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

8 thoughts

  1. It just goes to show you the arrogance, The sure audacity, The fake privilidge off the backs of others, That they would even have such a group as blacks for trump..
    To even speak for the African American community is an insult
    As people diabolical behavior patterns continue, There is obviously no other logical explanation other than that’s in their bloodline..
    And obviously inheritance of a curse


  2. Do you know this is satire and what satire is???? Definition: the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.


  3. Even as satire goes this might be the most incredibly cringe-worthy piece to read. Whatever the writer’s idea of what being black is like, be it through what they like, eat or say is so horribly overexpressed.. My god, this was horribly done. The worst bit of satire I ever read.


  4. Not real haha. There are in fact Blacks for Trump as well as others not described as White. The Left wants you to believe otherwise. Unfortunately people believe the propaganda.


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