“Blacks 4 Trump” Group Says Having No Black Members “Isn’t That Relevant”

Omaha, NE—

A local “Blacks 4 Trump” group is now only made up of white members, after an unfortunate, racially-motivated misunderstanding caused their single black member to quit.

“It’s a little ironic due to our name, I’ll give the libtards that, but we’re very saddened to see Darren go,” explained the group’s founder Thomas “Bubba” Wilkes. “It was all just a big mistake. One of our newer group members, who hadn’t met Darren yet, called the cops on him when he was smoking a cigarette outside before our meeting started. This group member thought Darren looked sketchy, and was afraid Darren was going to try to rob us or something. Unfortunately, the cops arrested Darren, despite doing nothing illegal, and he had to spend a few hours in jail before we could get the whole thing straightened out. Like I said, just a big misunderstanding. And the worst part is that it makes it seem like the libs are telling the truth when they say Obama’s presidency didn’t end all racism in America. It was just our luck to have the only police officer in America who racially profiles black men answer the call to come investigate Darren.”

Now “Blacks 4 Trump” has 49 exclusively white members, but they are adamant they won’t change the group’s name.

“I don’t think it’s that relevant we don’t actually have any black members anymore,” said Wilkes. “The idea is still the same. We’re confident Trump’s support in the black community is very, very high, and just because we can’t find much proof yet doesn’t mean we’re going to stop trying. We had a big open house event a couple weeks ago where we advertised free food and a couple nice black ladies actually came by. They were very open to the idea of considering Donald Trump’s platform, but, unfortunately, someone called the cops on them, too, and we couldn’t convince them to commit to the group. But I’m remaining very confident we’ll make some inroads in the black community soon!”

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