Stephen Miller Wanted To Do Medical Testing On Immigrants, Was Told It Was Too “Nazi-ish”

(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

Washington D.C.—

According to a new book just released by former Trump Administration lawyer Hal Obertson entitled “Well, That Was Some Crazy Shit,” several truly insane policy ideas have been proposed by President Donald Trump and his top advisers.

The book is due out in March, but The Halfway Post received an early promotional copy to preview.

One of the most alarming passages detailed a policy paper Executive Adviser Stephen Miller authored calling for the creation of a medical testing program at one of the detention centers (i.e. concentration camps) in southern Texas. In the document, Miller offered to head the program himself.

The following is an excerpt from the book:

“When Stephen Miller submitted his program outline to my legal office, it really raised everyone’s eyebrows. We denied the proposal before finishing its cover letter, but I took it home that night and read the rest and… just wow. Of all the crazy shit I saw working at the White House, that had to be the bat-shittiest. Miller got very upset his proposal was denied, and was especially offended we referred to his proposal as ‘Nazi-ish,’ so he requested an appeal. I invited him to my office, where Miller vigorously explained that his medical testing idea may have been ‘Nazi-esque,’ but that it certainly wasn’t ‘Nazi-ish,’ and that there was a world of legal difference between the two terms. I told him to leave my office, at which point he turned very emotionally distraught and loudly pledged that, if he ever became dictator, I’d be at the top of his list of political enemies to be forced into a hard labor camp. Thankfully for my future, Stephen Miller gives off the vibe of a serial killer cannibal, and will never have any political success beyond a Trump Administration appointment.”

According to the book, the following policy ideas were similarly denied by Obertson:

  • Stephen Miller tried to get the FDA to ban sunscreens because he thought sunburns were proof that whites were “God’s chosen people.”
  • Donald Trump wanted to “take out” Rosie O’Donnell with a drone.
  • Donald Trump wanted to gift Alaska back to Russia to thank Putin for saying publicly there had been no collusion.
  • Because Donald Trump says he trusts his gut more than anyone else, he wanted to appoint his gut as a top adviser and earn the extra salary money.
  • Donald Trump wanted to deliver a nationally televised address to Americans to show a clearly doctored photo of an erect penis to prove his is not mushroom-shaped like Stormy Daniels said.
  • Donald Trump wanted to declare war against the United Nations after they laughed at him.
  • Donald Trump wanted to sell Puerto Rico to another country.
  • Donald Trump wanted to add anyone who voted for Hillary Clinton to his travel ban.

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