Bloomberg’s Latest Ad Mocks Trump For Paying Way Too Much On Hush Money

New York City, NY—

Mayor Bloomberg’s latest national television ad will reportedly highlight the bad deals President Donald Trump has negotiated for his various non-disclosure agreements with adult film stars.

The following is a sneak peak script of the ad obtained exclusively by The Halfway Post:

INTRO: WIDE SHOT on strippers dancing on a pole.


“Donald Trump paid adult film star star Stormy Daniels $130,000 in hush money for 90 seconds of sex.”

CLOSEUP on Donald Trump’s face.


“That’s $1,444 per second. America, does this sound like winning to you?”

MEDIUM SHOT on Mike Bloomberg shaking hands with several businesswomen.


“Mayor Bloomberg pays way less for his non-disclosure agreements because he’s a real business person. He may disrespect women, but he’d never disrespect America by overpaying on his hush money agreements. Donald Trump disrespects women, AND pays way too much to keep them quiet afterwards. We can’t afford four more years of Donald Trump’s bad business deals.”

WIDE SHOT of Bloomberg surrounded by piles of cash.


“Vote Mike Bloomberg, a REAL billionaire with REAL negotiating skills.”

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(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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