Trump Claimed MLK’s “I Have A Dream” Speech Went On “A Little Long”

Washington D.C.—

President Donald Trump offended participants of a fundraiser dinner in the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. after claiming King’s “I Have A Dream Speech” was too long.

The following is a transcript of Mr. Trump’s remarks:

“Thanks for inviting me here, everyone. I love the blacks. I’ve done so much for them, more than any president ever. Even Obama. The black unemployment rate has never been lower. And I love Martin. One of the best, really. The King. He was just doing so many things that no one before him ever thought of. Tremendous things. Truly one of the best presidents we’ve ever had. Except maybe Lincoln. And maybe me. I’m just kidding. But Martin was one of the best. But, if you think about it, I’ve gotten the black unemployment rate lower than even he could do. Just saying. But, wow, what a tremendous person. A lot of people don’t know this, but he actually was the guy who did the “I Have A Dream” speech. Great speech. Tremendous speech. A little long, though, don’t you think? Has anyone ever gotten to the end of it? They call me a great communicator… I would have done it a little shorter. I totally relate to it though. That speech means so much to me. You know, I have a dream the Fake News would stop being so mean to President Trump. The things they say… They’re just the worst of the worst. Martin would understand. He knew all about the subhuman media. They say I punch back hard, but I bet Martin would have punched back much harder than me. He was a very tough guy. He always hit back. We need someone mean, though, don’t we? We need someone tough. So I’d like to thank Mr. King for this tremendous ceremony. For all the amazing work he’s done. It’s such a shame what happened to him later in life. To get beat up by those cops on TV, and then the whole LA race riots? Wow. What a life. I wonder whatever happened to him. Martin, if you’re watching this on TV somewhere, know we love you. Thanks everybody!”

Nobody in the audience clapped as Trump walked off stage clapping for himself.

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