The KKK Wants You To Know They’re Wearing Hoods Because They’re Racist, Not Because Of COVID

Mobile, AL—

The Ku Klux Klan today tweeted a reminder to everyone that their penchant for wearing hoods has nothing to do with worries about the coronavirus.

The following are a series of tweets local Grand Wizard Cleetus Gohmert wrote:

“We’ve been wearing hoods for more than a century now, it’s kind of our thing. The hoods are not intended to protect us from COVID, and we believe Trump that the coronavirus is a sissy virus that won’t affect us and is being exaggerated by medical professionals and health experts.”

“We have grown accustomed to wearing the hoods, but we are conflicted over our desire to help Trump look good by going out in public with no facial adornments. However, wearing just the KKK robes and not the hoods to hide our identities has a negative effect on our relationships with our friends and family.”

“Somehow the KKK got a bad reputation over the decades, and when we out ourselves publicly as Klansmen, it’s harder to convince people we’re not racist. They judge us for the color of our hoods, and not for our personal character or individualism. It’s very unfair, and they’re the racist ones for telling us we don’t belong in America.”

“I don’t understand why Klansmen are treated as second-class citizens. When we burn crosses on black neighbors’ lawns, the other people in our town yell at us and spit on us. I’m afraid at all times we may be attacked just because of who we are. I have a dream where one day my Klan children won’t be judged solely by the color of their hoods.”

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