Donald Trump Jr. Just Released A Book Of Poems About A Boy With An Abusive Father

New York City, NY—

Donald Trump Jr. has become an author in recent years, having released a memoir last year that made it to the New York Times Best Selllers list with the help of the Republican National Committee buying tens of thousands of copies.

Donald Jr. is also pursuing plans to self-publish another book closer to the election filled with lies about Joe Biden.

Today, however, Donald Jr. surprised the political world with the sudden publishing of a book of poems he says he has been compiling and editing since college.

The book is a collection of poems entitled “The Boy In The Shadow,” and is filled with poetry reflecting on the theme of a young boy rebelling against his mean, overbearing father.

The following is one poem from the collection released early in order to promote Trump Jr.’s poetic talent:

Trapped In A Name
by Donald Trump Jr.

My name is stuck in line, second,
And it was born with a legacy stain,
People think of the man standing first,
The impressions come pre-ordained.

I wish my name could have been anonymous,
Or, even better, I had grown up in a loving home,
I cannot understand his endless mocking of my name,
Particularly because it is also his own!

I am a boy forever compared to this man,
I cannot escape his parental legacy
A Jr. at birth, a Jr. for life,
And always hidden in his shadow so menacing

I am just a little boy, one who wants his own name,
To grow up to be a man not trapped by father’s claim,
Free of the man who darkens family fame,
The father who trapped his son in a name.

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(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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