Trump Claims Democrats Will Abort Your Grandma And Grandpa

Washington D.C.—

President Donald Trump today published a preposterous viral Twitter thread:

“If Joe Biden and the Democrats beat me in November, Americans are going to go extinct! Their love for abortion has no boundaries! They want to abort babies after they’ve already been born! Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will abort babies weeks old, months old, and even decades old!”

“No baby will be safe from Nancy Pelosi! If you think Grandma and Grandpa are in danger from COVID, you have no idea how in danger they’ll be if Chuck Schumer becomes Senate Majority Leader! COVID only kills 1% of grandparents, but Democrats and Planned Parenthood will abort 100% of grandparents!”

“You won’t recognize America anymore because America won’t exist anymore! No baby will be safe from Joe Biden, no matter how young or elderly! Trust me! I’m willing to expend your grandparents for the record-breaking stock market (thanks President Trump!) and economy to open back up…”

“…But Democrats are willing to expend your grandparents just because they love expending people! And it will wreck your stock profits! The only thing Democrats love more than aborting already-born babies is aborting the economy! The socialist Democrats all have coat hangers ready for your pensions and Social Security (unlike me who loves Social Security, and will double it… no triple it!)!”

“So vote Trump! I’m going to give your babies jobs because I’m so good at creating jobs, especially for all the ungrateful blacks who won’t vote for me (or at least vote Kanye) even though I’ve done more for them than Lincoln, LBJ, MLK, and Obama combined! The Democrats only want to give your babies a tombstone!”

“Remember that this is the most important election in American history! If you don’t vote for me, it will be the biggest mistake of your life. It will also be the last mistake of your life. It will be like signing an abortion death sentence for your babies, grandparents, and everyone in between. No one will be safe in Joe Biden’s America, unlike MY America!”

From The Halfway Post vault:

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