“Don’t Believe Anonymous Sources Lying About Trump!” Tweets QAnon To Q Followers

St. Louis, MO—

The mysterious Q from the QAnon conspiracy just tweeted several warnings in a “Q dump” to Q followers to be wary about believing the Fake News’ anonymous sources in reports alleging President Donald Trump is a terrible person and criminal president:

“Don’t believe anonymous sources! The Fake News just makes them up! If you don’t know the person’s name who says the quotes in all these lying reports about Trump, then those people don’t exist!”

“The Fake News reports that their sources are high up in the government with lots of personal and professional information about what’s secretly going on in the Trump Administration, but don’t believe them until the Fake News gives us names of their supposed sources!”

“Only believe in me, Q! I’m totally different than those other mysteriously anonymous sources the Fake News has because I’m ACTUALLY high up in the Trump Administration with REAL facts about what’s going on, trust me!”

“I won’t reveal myself, but that’s how you know what I’m saying is 100% true and factual, unlike the sources the Fake News has who won’t reveal themselves! They just want to tell anonymous lies by saying things off-the-record, but I only anonymously tell truths off-the-record! I could not be more different than all those other anonymous people!”

“The Fake News just wants to distract from the reality that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are going to be arrested any day now for pedophilia and drinking baby blood! I know I said their arrests were imminent last week, and the week before, and last month, but those were just smokescreens to keep the Deep State guessing who I really am!”

From The Halfway Post vault:

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